Why Jingle™?

Remember when your phone ringing was a good thing, only to be replaced by faxes and “you’ve got mail!”. Yet today, calls, emails, and direct messages can’t keep up with today’s mobile world.

Enter Jingle™, the world’s first text messaging platform built from the ground up to link every channel of customer conversation. Don’t just send a text.

Send a Jingle™. Help your fans be better fans™!

 Why text?

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“My emails sit for weeks.”

— Early customer interview

“I’m ten times more likely to read text than email.”

— Early beta tester

 Get text. Engage your fans!

For example, sports teams, vendors, and other sports brands use Jingle to text and enhance the game-to-game fan experience.

We provide optimized opt-in templates for multiple sports for every part of the fan experience!

We provide optimized opt-in templates for multiple sports for every part of the fan experience!

Engagement. Our one goal.

At Jingle, engagement is what we do. We obsess over connecting your brand and your customers.

Start texting and hear the roar of your digital crowd through each nuanced interaction.


Opt-in channels

We provide opt-in templates tuned to your specific business that help your customers reach out to your text hotline.

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Call to action

Whether your call is to get more people on site, more people sharing your content, or more people buying your product, our text message templates will get your team texting fast!

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Performance metrics

Net Promoter Score (NPS). Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Impressions. Conversions. All of the things that measure success for your marketing strategy. Included.

Our founder on why text, why Jingle™.

Dig deeper in this clip on why Jingle™ is leading the pack using text to enhance brand and customer communications.

Our capabilities.

Any number.

Local (humans only).
Toll-Free (8** anything).
Shortcode (5 & 6-digit numbers).


Any text.

Text. Emojis. Audio. Pictures. Video.
AKA, SMS & MMS, plus, coming soon…
Rich Communication Services (RCS), WhatsApp, & other text-driven apps.


Any interaction.

Chatbots. Support. Marketing.
& keyword responders, 1-way, 2-way, drip campaigns, content blasts, unique links; yes, the bells & whistles.

Any workflow.

Salesforce. Zendesk. Hubspot.
Your team has a workflow. We enhance it. We build on what you have and make sure that everyone gets things done. Faster.

Our turnkey texting empowers you and your fans to share content across all messaging channels and connect your digital fan club.

Your industry. Your brand.

Of course, we’re not just sports.

Get your brand “in the game” and give your customers a cohesive rewards-driven digital membership experience.


Banks. Credit Unions. Insurance. More.


Fortune 500. Universities. Lotteries. International.


Restaurants. Retail. Hotels. Events. Local or National.

Use text to gain new customers and nurture existing relationships!

Use text to gain new customers and nurture existing relationships!

Our platform.

Our platform provides comprehensive access to all text messaging features — sending, receiving, opt-in audits, bulk texts, and more. Check out this demo video to learn more!

 Any platform. Connected.

90% of all businesses don’t yet use text to connect people with their brand. Don’t strike out wishing for more customers. Get Jingle today.



Deploy opt-in texting strategies & templates that will excite your customers.


Keep your customers abreast of changes — shipment updates, weather delays, or any announcement.



Your customers, be they sports fans, retail shoppers, or other brands, want fast ways to reach your brand.


With our texting platform, your customers can place and change orders faster than ever.

Ok, what’s the bottom line?

Brands spend millions of dollars creating unique mottos, slogans, taglines, and yep, jingles :).

By contrast, your brand will experience better and more measurable customer outcomes using text than any of the other messaging channels.


Jingle™, your digital fan club

Start texting and help your fans be better fans!